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TA Mentoring

The TA Mentors are here to help you improve your teaching skills and deal with teaching related issues.

You can email the mentors at any time throughout the quarter with teaching questions or concerns at

Who are the TA Mentors?

We are a group of graduate students with experience teaching, and we want to help our fellow graduate students enjoy their time TAing! That means helping you understand what you want to get out of TAing and how you can get it, helping you improve your teaching skills to make your sections fun and useful, and advocating to the department for fair treatment of TAs. The TA mentor program is always evolving, so if you have ideas about how we can help you, please email us! 

Resources for TAs

VPTL (Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning) has a wonderful collection of resources for TAs in their TA Handbook

Contact Us

Please email us with any teaching related questions or concerns, or if you want to set up a one-on-one meeting, at! Your email will only go to us.