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Aug 8 2012 | Physics World | Posted In: Announcements, Awards, Faculty
Shoucheng Zhang has been awarded the Dirac Medal for 2012, along with Duncan Haldane of Princeton and Charles Kane of the University of Pennsylvania  "in recognition of their many important contributions to condensed matter physics, including their independent work preparing and opening the field...
Jul 31 2012 | The New York Times | Posted In: Awards, Faculty
CONGRATULATIONS PROFESSOR LINDE! Andrei Linde wins $3 million Fundamental Physics Prize. Stanford physicist among nine inaugural winners of prize awarded by Russia's Milner Foundation.
Jul 23 2012 | The New York Times | Posted In: Announcements, In the News
The astronaut Sally Ride, who was a Stanford student (BS 1973 in Physics and English, MS 1975/PhD 1978 in Physics) and later a science fellow at CISAC from 1987-1989, has died of pancreatic cancer. Read the obituary in The New York Times and the coverage by CISAC News.