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Ph.D. Candidate:  Ognjen Marković
Research Advisor:  Monika Schleier-Smith

Date: Friday, August 13, 2021
Time: 11 am Pacific Daylight Time
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Title: Quantum engineering by Rydberg dressing in a cold atomic gas


We are witnessing remarkable progress in building large and controllable quantum systems. At the forefront of this development are laser-cooled atoms, which can be used as atomic clocks, sensitive measurement probes or quantum computing platforms. A necessary ingredient of many computation and metrology schemes is the ability to have local and dynamical control of interactions between atoms. In this defense talk I will present a platform based on highly excited Rydberg states of cesium atoms. We realize long-range optically controlled Ising interactions in this system by coupling the atomic ground state to a Rydberg state. By adding a microwave coupling between the clock states of cesium, we emulate a transverse-field Ising model and detect dynamical signatures of the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition. I will present progress in using the Ising interactions to produce spin-squeezed states, in which quantum correlations enable higher measurement precision than possible with an uncorrelated state. Finally, I will describe prospects for efficiently encoding an NP-complete problem in this system to attain a quantum speedup in finding the solution via Grover’s algorithm.

August 13, 2021 - 11:00am