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Changes in Physics Major & Minor requirements due to COVID-19 

The Physics minor allows the student to select a pathway in Physics or Astronomy. The Astronomy pathway has a technical and non-technical option.

All courses for the minor must be taken at Stanford University for a letter grade, and a grade of 'C-' or better must be received for all units applied toward the minor except as noted in the following paragraph.

Students who take the PHYSICS 20, 40, or 60 series at Stanford in support of their major may count those units towards the minor. Those who have fulfilled Physics requirements at the 20 or 40 level by enrollment at another accredited university, or through advanced placement credits, may count credits towards PHYSICS 21PHYSICS 23, and PHYSICS 24, or PHYSICS 41/PHYSICS 42 and PHYSICS 43/PHYSICS 44

PHYSICS 25/PHYSICS 26, or PHYSICS 45 /PHYSICS 46 for a minor in Physics or the technical minor concentration in Astronomy, must be taken at Stanford even if similar material has been covered elsewhere.

The minor declaration deadline is three quarters before graduation, typically the beginning of the Autumn Quarter if the student is graduating at the end of the Spring Quarter.