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How to Declare

  1. Declare the Physics Major on Axess. Do not select Physics Honors; this option may be elected later if you choose to pursue the Honors program.
  2. Contact Elva Carbajal ( who will assign one of the Physics faculty to be your advisor.
  3. Contact your advisor to set up a meeting (e.g., a Zoom meeting) to plan your physics career.  Send your advisor a copy of your unofficial Stanford transcript from Axess, along with a copy of the B.S. in Physics (Pathways) Form completed with courses taken to date.
  4. If you have any missing or non-standard courses, especially for the intro (40 or 60) series, this is also the time to arrange for transfer credit, make-ups, and/or substitutions, by using the Course Requirements Petition Form [also attached in Word format] for any of these non-standard situations.  At this point, discuss with your advisor any substitutions or waivers for required courses that you may be contemplating so that your advisor can sign off on any necessary Petition forms if they approve.
  5. Please have your advisor sign the B.S. in Physics (Pathways) Form and return it to Elva Carbajal ( along with any signed petitions.
  6. (Optional) Have your picture taken at the Physics Undergraduate Office, Varian Building, 107, Elva Carbajal.
  7. For Engineering/Physics Library information contact Stella Ota at or call her at 650-723-9763.

For further assistance or information regarding the undergraduate Physics Major at Stanford University, please contact Elva Carbajal at or (650) 723-4362.