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Course Assistant

Course Assistant (CA):  CAs assist the faculty member who has primary responsibility for a course.  Duties vary, but may include the following:

  • Writing solutions to problem sets and exams, grading problem sets and exams; returning graded problem sets and exams in a timely manner -- no more than a week after the problem set or exam is completed.
  • Assisting in the preparation of lecture materials.
  • Holding office hours.

CAs are 25% appointments. Beginning Autumn term 2018/19 it will be possible to petition to receive teaching requirement credit (Physics PhD candidates ONLY) by working as a course assistant (CA) in our department for a maximum of two terms. Note that the petition must be completed and approved in the same term that you are working as a CA.  See detailed instructions here:

You must complete an Application by the due date for the quarter in which you wish you apply. Typically, the application period opens around the following dates and closes about two weeks after it opens:

  • Around the end of week 7 of summer quarter, typically between August 10 and 24 for Autumn quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 5 of fall quarter, typically between October 19 and November 2 for Winter quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 5 of winter quarter, typically between February 1 and 15 for Spring quarter applications.
  • Around the end of week 7 of spring quarter, typically between May 13 and 17 for Summer quarter applications.