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Equity and Inclusion

The mission of the Stanford Physics Department is to produce groundbreaking physics in a climate that values the contributions of and encourages participation from all groups of physicists and potential physicists.

Our vision is that our department should be a world leader not only in producing groundbreaking intellectual achievements in physics, but also in training future generations of physicists who are representative of the diversity of populations of Stanford, of California, of the US, and of the world. We envision a community where all members are supported to succeed and enabled to do their best work.

Upcoming and recent events

E&I reading group on 'Typical physics Ph.D. admissions criteria limit access to underrepresented groups but fail to predict doctoral completion' (12-1:30p, moderator Shea Hess Webber; PAB 232, RSVP for lunch here by 14 May)
Spring quarter E&I seminar: Joel Corbo (3pm; more info TBA)
SURPAS/BioAIMS Diversity Perspectives seminar, feat Dr Michael Penn (inaugural event; more info to come)
E&I graduate student meeting, w/ Tim MacKenzie from Chemistry (PAB 102/103, 6:30pm; RSVP here)

News and updates

We are looking for new committee members! Postdocs, students (undergraduate and graduate), and staff of all backgrounds and identities would be welcome—fill in this form if interested in joining.

Past E&I seminars

Samuel Meehan on AIMS
Ashley Martin, 'Blind to Bias: The Benefits of Gender-Blindness for STEM Stereotyping'
Angie Little, Intentional Design Toward Supportive Communities in Physics Education
Dr Nicole Cabrera Salazar, Retaining People of Color in STEM
Dr Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Making A Physicist With Jazz


We maintain a list of support resources within Stanford and beyond, for everyone from students and postdocs to faculty and staff.

We also maintain a page of references for those interested in learning more about equity and inclusion in physics and more generally in STEM.